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Karting Center Podgorica in Montenegro

Karting Center Podgorica

Karting Center Podgorica

Podgorica is known as a quiet and calm city. This feature is the reason why people love this city. But its also the reason why those who don’t like it , don’t like it either . This contradictory situation is partly due to not knowing the city well. In part, it depends on what we mean by being lively. The question is: is Podgorica really a lifeless city?

As you browse our Montenegro Facts website, you can discover the fun features of the cities one by one. Podgorica’s attractions, exciting activities, and entertainment venues will be introduced here. Karting Center is one of the entertainment activities of this city.

Karting Center Podgorica (Locally known as “Karting Centar Podgorica”) is built on a wide ground. The area is between Podgorica and Cetinje, a place called Lijesnje and a gateway that makes this point fully usable. There is a large car park so you can leave your car and enjoy the ride in the go-kart vehicles. This spot is open to everyone – recreational riders, experts, experienced go-kart drivers, and even teenagers…

Whether you’re going karting for the first time or are currently a successful driver, you’ll have the option to appreciate the fascinating experience of accelerating and speeding.

Moreover, you will experience this exciting experience with the excitement of competition in the spic and span cards made by Sodi, the pioneer of the karting business world.

Within the 20000 m2 complex, there is an open universal racetrack, a bistro shop with a pleasant patio on the racetrack, a karting gear shop, a carport, and a support and management office.

The main goal of the facility is to intensely promote this incredibly energizing game as one of the most receptive segments of auto-moto sports in Montenegro.

You can improve your driving skills by taking individual or group exercises given by an expert kart racer trainer. Kart Racing School offers training programs that include several degrees in driving skills and competitions.

The training of drivers encompasses a variety of exercises that include familiarity with hypothetical driving manuals, roads, cornering procedures, engine construction, and other health rules.

Facebook Page: Karting Centar Podgorica
Address: M-2.3 Liješnje bb, 81000, Montenegro
Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:45 PM
Phone: +382 69 123 111

The costs are reasonable and this can be an ideal place for the weekend for the family, to spend time with friends or as a treat for your little interests. ■


VIDEO: Podgorica Karting First Drive