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Getting A Boat Licence In Tivat

Getting A Boat Licence In Tivat

Exploring Tivat’s Coastal Beauty Through Boating

Tivat is a sought-after destination for individuals seeking captivating boat rides along the coastline. The town offers an unparalleled opportunity to venture along the coast, discover secluded beaches, anchor at will, explore hidden caves, all without the worries of traffic congestion. The presence of a marina further solidifies Tivat as a prime location for boat-based exploration.

Boat License Requirement

When you decide to rent a boat, you have the option of hiring a skipper to guide your journey. However, if you’re inclined to take the helm yourself, you’ll need a valid boat license. Montenegro presents itself as the ideal place to acquire this license. The tranquil waters of the Bay of Kotor provide a perfect environment to learn boat handling skills and obtain the necessary license. The beauty of this license is its global recognition, enabling you to rent boats worldwide.

Navigating the Montenegro Boat License Process

Driving a boat in Montenegro mandates possessing the appropriate license. This requirement extends to all types of boats, even if you intend to rent a small vessel equipped with an outboard motor.

Securing a Montenegro boat license involves undertaking an assessment with the harbor master at any of the ports. Given that the examination is conducted verbally and exclusively in Montenegrin, international visitors might encounter challenges obtaining a local license during their vacation. However, a solution exists through an entity known as 42 North, which offers internationally accredited powerboat courses under the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

Assortment of Licenses from 42 North

The esteemed institution, 42 North, provides comprehensive RYA powerboat courses that culminate in full certification within a mere two days. Two distinct powerboat courses are available, both designed to empower individuals to captain speedboats in Montenegro: Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

• Powerboat Level 1 Course:

This initial course acquaints you with supervised boat operation, making it an excellent entry point even for children. Covering essential maritime skills, safety protocols, docking procedures, and swift maneuvers, this single-day program requires no prior experience. The cost for this course is €200 per person for groups of up to 3 individuals.

• Powerboat Level 2 Course:

The Level 2 course imparts theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, fostering confidence in assuming the role of boat captain. This license is indispensable if you intend to navigate a boat without a skipper. Successful completion permits you to independently captain a powerboat up to 10 meters long during daylight hours.

This course can be subsidized upon completion of a basic maritime survival course and personal medical assessment, both of which can be undertaken in Montenegro. Despite its comprehensiveness, participants need not possess extensive prior boating experience. Completed within a day, the Level 2 course costs €350 per person for groups of up to 3 individuals. ■