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ATV Safari Tours in Montenegro

ATV Safari Tours in MNE

Explore Montenegro’s Magnificence with ATV Tours

Many people might not think about Montenegro as a place for ATVs. They offer outstanding ATV tours that provide you with an exceptional way of experiencing the country and all its natural greatness combined with rich culture diversity there is otherwise hard to find anywhere else in Europe They follow cliffs and narrow bends, pavilions where you can rest or take in the breathtaking views. Scenic rides on dirt tracks, equally scenic forest trail riding and a overall unforgettable experience of Montenegro are brought together.

Montenegro ATV Tours

The perfect tool to find the natural beauty in Montenegro Tivat and other parts of Montnegro tours using ATV vehicles is one of the fun ways. Tours organized with these exciting vehicles will inform you about the country, meet your sports and adrenaline needs as well as offer an adventure intertwined in nature.

Discovering Tivat through ATV Tours

Read on as we take a look at some of the ATV tours available to book in Tivat. Please note that alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden when driving in Montenegro. These tours are canceled if participants have been drinking before the tour. That said, here are the different ATV tours in Tivat :

1. Mount Vrmac Photo Safari

A flat-topped ridge that marks the boundary between Kotor and Tivat, Mount Vrmac offers some of the most spectacular views over both towns. This} Half-day tour makes it ideal for people looking forward to an adventurous coastal action. Any one would take you through pine woods to a couple of 19th-century Austro-Hungarian fortresses. In the intersection, it will take pictures of Tivat and Kotor straits as well as a hidden view that provides postcard vistas of Kotor old town .

The tour is 2-3 hours long with an English-speaking guide, driving directions available to everyone, ATV bikes + helmets-gloves-fuel are also provided . The price is €155 for one bicycle and an extra personal insurance of EUR10 .

2. Vrmac Extreme Photo Safari

This tour follows the full Vrmac Ridge line with amazing views of Tivat and Kotor. From a different angle, you will look up from below at the ancient walls of Kotor’s fortress pushing their way up the mountainside. Day 4 Stationed inside an Austro-Hungarian landmark built in the year of 1886 Gorazda Fortress To do full justice with your historical knowledge day greets you at an Austrian gem. Before the path along the ridge and through what looks like endless rows of pines to where it ends at the summit – Sveti Ilija, you might also want to see how the fort that now lay in ruins inside. From here there are wonderful views of the Bay of Kotor in a 360-degree panorama before you return to Tivat via Gornja Lastva, which is part of the Cultural Heritage List.

You will have 3 – 4 hours for the tour Duration: you need to add about Briefing in English Driving instruction ATV bikes Helmets Gloves Fuel It will cost €200 per bike and an extra tenner for personal insurance.

3. Lustica Peninsula Photo Safari

Take a leisurely cruise around the wilds of Lustica Peninsula on this tour. This implies checking out Grabovac Fortress, Solila Bird Reserve and Ponta Vesla Beach.

Tour is for at least 2.5 hours with English-speaking guide and practice driving, ATV bikes helmets gloves fuel included. The fee is €155 for an individual bike and then another €10 to cover personal insurance.

A long version of this tour is also available (full day), with Arza and Kabala fortresses as well, visiting Mitrovici- Babunci-Tici villages.

4. Lustica Fortress Safari

Tour of 3 Austro-Hungarian forts in Lustica Peninsula: Fort Traste/Grabovac, Fort Lustica and Fort Kabala Visiting the abandoned forts gives Montenegrin history a different aspect, allowing you to stroll through their rooms and come closer to its purpose in protecting Austro-Hungarian Empire. The fortress enjoys a setting positioned on high hills, commanding excellent views over the Bay of Kotor or Boka Kotorska overlooking they are also observing distant sea ways and large field plants with olives.

The tour Personal kit: English speaking guide, driving instructions, ATV bikes, helmets, gloves and fuel. Personal insurance is an extra €10 per person and the total price is €155 for one bike.

5. Full Feel Lustica Safari

Lustica Peninsula is a perfect spot to experience Montenegrin lifestyle, its nature and those delicious foods – this tour will ensure you do just that. Leave nature to run its course by taking a jeep drive through the wilderness of the peninsula and visiting Fort Grabovac. There are lots of spots to pull off and check out the Bay of Kotor, overlooking either mountains or sea. The tour also includes visiting a local farm that produces organic olive oil and typical goods with tasting sessions.

It is a 3.5 hours tour in which you will also get an English-speaking guide, driving instructions and the ATV bikes with fuel included along as well as helmets and gloves. It is €200 per One Bike Leader and plus +10€ for personal insurance.

6. Wild Beach Extreme Tour

Take a Walk in History through A Trail of the ancient past and Pristine wilderness of Lustica Peninsula. The footpath, which can be traced back to medieval times stretches out onto a hidden beach. On your way, you will pass by Grabovac fortress and have a picturesque view of the Tivat straits to the Adriatic Sea. Upon arriving at the beach, take a refreshing swim and observe what is under water, more than 20 meters in visibility-with up to five invaded species introduced by humans over time: fish (Hubbsina turner) starfishes or sea stars(several ophiuroids), at least one anemone species(in patches but not so many as before), also there may be some black Urchins(Anthodea nigrescens), chitons of two-to-three little specie that clean algae from rocks and octopuses.

The tour is approximately 3 hours, includes an English guide a briefing on how to drive safely, ATV bikes helmets gloves and gas. Options – €200 per person bike / Personal insurance +€10

The ATV tours are available in different areas of the country, you can check out all the information at tourism offices and sign up for the activities that most interest you. ■