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Galeb Beach of Morača River in Podgorica, Montenegro

Galeb Beach of Morača River

Galeb Beach of Morača

Podgorica is often called the city of bridges. Because it has a network of rivers flowing through the city. The largest river among them is the Morača River, which has very beautiful shores. Galeb Beach of Morača is the most famous bank of the river (Galeb: seagull).

But, I should mention right here that Galeb Beach of Morača is the first “river beach” I’ve ever seen. If you were born and raised in a touristy beach town like me, I think you’ll understand my amazement.

As someone who has never seen a beach other than the ones on the seaside, I was very surprised when I learned years ago that sandy areas on the “lake” shores are also called beaches. After experiencing this lake-beach astonishment many years ago, I came to Podgorica and experienced the river-beach astonishment.

I knew that when the rivers dwindled in the summer, beautiful sandy areas emerged, but it never occurred to me that they would be called beaches. Then, I really liked the idea. Flowing strongly and abundantly during autumn, winter, and spring, the waters of the river decrease in summer. Just when the scorching summer heat begins, just when we want to go to the beaches to cool off, it is wonderful that the rivers offer us “beaches”. Moreover, beaches do not exist before the summer heat. It’s like removing the winter clothes when summer comes and revealing the summer clothes.

Later, I saw some river beaches on other rivers, but none as wide and beautiful as Galeb Beach of Morača. After a while, I started to feel sad that there were few people using Galeb Beach of Morača.

After doing some research, I learned that in previous years, this shore was regularly filled with people swimming in the waters of the Morača river. Later, people started to go only to the sea instead of this beautiful river beach and Galeb Beach of Morača remained there like a derelict jewel.

It is really sad to leave this beauty alone, which is not around during the winter months, and who appeared as if it knew we needed it in the scorching heat.

Podgorica can be very hot and sweltering on summer evenings, and the temperature here is much more pleasant, even a little breezy, given the proximity of the water.

Despite being in the city center, in this beautiful place away from all the hustle and bustle, few still consider it a charming gathering place to simply cool off, cook, or just sunbathe.

In the last evenings of spring, you can visit Galeb Beach of Morača to enjoy a beer by the water and a decent view of the Podgorica bridges. People sometimes go there to fish, too.

Another place with a similar beauty to Galeb Beach of Morača is the Ribnica Stone Bridge and its surroundings, which I described in one of our previous articles. Combining the surrounding beauty of that bridge with the beauty of this beach and considering both may help you better understand what I am trying to say. ■

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