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Adventure Park Gorica in Podgorica, Montenegro

Adventure Park Gorica in Podgorica

Adventure Park Gorica

If you want to experience extraordinary entertainment and activity in Podgorica, we have a recommendation for you to come and have fun, especially with your friends or family as a group: Adventure Park Gorica… In an idyllic green park that will make you forget the desert heat of the summer months for a few hours, you will experience adventure and excitement. tracks ready to live… And a great cafe…

Podgorica Adventure Park ‘Gorica’ is located in the middle of Podgorica just above Gorica hill, which is an equally popular relaxation park for locals and visitors. This park is a great place to spend time with family and friends during the holidays. It is also a place with options for adventurers of all ages, as the Adventure trails are many and varied!

Podgorica Adventure Park has been awarded as the best destination for day trips in the city by the National Tourism Organization and the Podgorica Local Tourism Board!

Podgorica is notorious for extremely high temperatures during the summer months and is much hotter than the seaside cities. Adventure Park Gorica is ready to offer you comfortable and fresh air in the cool and natural oasis in the middle of the city. Here you will forget the heat, wander through the lush pine forest, relax all your senses and feel nature!

Adventure Park Gorica has a large number of trails that differ in difficulty, and the instructors recommend that you pass the lightest one before moving on to the next level. You can get a general idea of ​​this park by reading the reviews of its visitors on Trip Advisor. Reviews often say that this place has excellent instructors, and guides, all staff are resourceful and really know their job! Many foreigners visiting Podgorica also say that they and their families had a great time at this adventure park and most of the compliments came from their children.

To go into a little detail; Gorica Adventure Park has 5 levels of trails: yellow, green, blue, red, and black, sorted by difficulty. The park is really well equipped and the trails are extremely interesting to keep in mind that you have to have the good physical strength to get through all this as some end up jumping from a 13-meter high platform into a cargo net. Would you like to try “Climbing Rock” too, it’s great fun if you’re not afraid of heights!

Apart from all the adventures and sports activities, there is a cafe called ‘Sto cinis?’ (how you’re doing) in the middle of the park. Sweet delicacies, various sandwiches, snacks, donuts, cakes, pancakes, etc are available at this resting place. You can also drink a variety of coffees, teas, and all kinds of beverages.

Since you will be hungry, thirsty, and tired from the adventure on the trails and afterward, this cafe will be very good for a refreshing drink or food. Our recommendation is organic homemade juices!

Gorica Adventure Park also has nightlife adventures for hot summer nights. The Adventure Park hosts themed night entertainments like food tastings, outdoor dance parties, fun nights with friends, and more.

This is the perfect place for anyone visiting Podgorica to experience a new type of entertainment in the capital Podgorica and enjoy the natural surroundings under the trees.

Adventure Park Gorica staff can also help you organize your company’s team activities at this park. The park staff, consisting of trainers, together with their managers, make every effort to make the most of your time at the park, and visitors are very satisfied with the service they receive at Adventure Park!

The park is very close to the city center, but if you are not from Montenegro, you may have difficulty getting there. Because cars are not allowed in the natural park, therefore the park’s nearby roads and inner roads are not yet available on Google Earth maps. However, you can reach the park from the Zagoric part of the city by following the directions you’ll find on Google Maps.

Address: Brdo Gorica, Podgorica
+382 20 673 645
Google Maps Address: C7X8+PXV, Podgorica, Montenegro
Instagram: Avanturisticki Park Gorica
Hours :07:00 am – 00:00 am

We definitely recommend you to visit Podgorica and we wish you a pleasant time in the Adventure Park. ■

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