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Tivat: A Journey Through Time and Luxury

Tivat: A Journey Through Time and Luxury

A Quick Overview of Tivat For Visitors

Tivat, a town steeped in transformation and remarkable destiny, has undergone various incarnations. Once a favored coastal retreat for monarchs, nobles, and artists during the Middle Ages, it enjoyed a tranquil history until the late 19th century.

However, the course of history took a turn when an Austrian naval commander approached Tivat’s Mayor, Captain Marko Krstovic. He declared the establishment of an Austro-Hungarian naval base along the shores of Tivat Bay, transforming the town into a naval hub with an arsenal, port facilities, and a dry dock. This led to the training of numerous craftsmen, turners, locksmiths, and shipbuilders in Tivat over the course of a century.

Reflections of History

Today, history echoes itself as Tivat emerges as a haven for modern nobility and European billionaires, presenting grand opportunities for opulent tourism experiences. A notable visionary, Canadian billionaire Peter Munk, saw not dark naval vessels, but rather the allure of elegant white yachts adorned with flags from around the world. These luxurious vessels would find their home in Tivat’s Porto Montenegro, renowned as the most lavish yachting resort in the Mediterranean.

Where to Stay in Tivat

Situated just 3 km south of the town, Tivat’s small airport offers convenience for travelers. Though public transportation to the town is limited, taxis are a reasonable option for commuting.

Tivat features several small hotels, mostly offering good value, many of which are conveniently located near the waterfront. The tourist office provides a comprehensive list of local private accommodations, which are abundant both in Tivat and its neighboring suburbs.

Porto Montenegro offers upscale villas with stunning views, alongside modern bars and restaurants serving local and international cuisine.

Exploring Tivat

Tivat lacks a central focal point. Upon entering the town, seek out Pine, the waterfront promenade. Here, you can enjoy leisurely strolls along the sea or savor coffee and pastries at various adjacent cafes and bars.

Rather than sandy or pebbled beaches, Tivat boasts concrete platforms. Nevertheless, scenic sandy beaches can be found outside of town and on the Luštica Peninsula. The city park, established on the estate of Kotor aristocrats in 1892, is a botanical marvel featuring fir, cedar, pine trees, and exotic plants brought by sailors from across the globe.

To experience Tivat and other towns within the Boka Bay from the sea, consider booking the Kotor Bay cruise offered by Globtour Montenegro.

Discovering Cultural Gems

Explore the summer residence of the Buća noble family, built over five centuries ago. Now a Museum and Gallery, it even hosts open-air performances in its garden.

Gornja Lastva, a charming village adorned with stone houses and a parish church dedicated to the Birth of Our Lady, is just 3 km north of Tivat on Mount Vrmac. The mount offers panoramic views of the Bay and Lustica Peninsula.

Tivat’s Islands: Rich Heritage

• The Island of Flowers is known for the remnants of the Holy Archangel Michael Monastery, founded in the 13th century.
• Saint Marco Island, the largest in the Boka Bay, once hosted a popular Club Med resort during the 1970s.
• Our Lady of Mercy Island, where hermits constructed the Church of Immaculate Conception, once a sanctuary for the Jesuit Order.

Tivat’s Cultural and Culinary Delights

During the summer, various cultural and entertainment activities unfold, including the Mediterranean Theater Festival “Purgatorije.” Numerous dining establishments offer diverse Mediterranean cuisine experiences, from seafood restaurants serving fresh fish and marine delicacies paired with fine wines, to cozy bars and pizza joints.

Nightlife Extravaganza in Tivat

Tivat’s visitors can revel in a spectrum of cafes, open bars along the shoreline with various musical genres and live performances. The festivities continue in nightclubs and discotheques, providing a vibrant nightlife experience. ■