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Montenegro Ulcinj Riviera’s Array of Beaches

Ulcinj Riviera's Beaches

Ulcinj Riviera’s Beaches

Exploring the Ulcinj Riviera and its stunning beaches on the Southern Montenegro Coastline will give you an unforgettable vacation. The allure of Ulcinj resides in its expansive stretch of sandy beaches, curving along the shoreline akin to a gracefully drawn bow. This coastal gem finds its place at the confluence of the Bojana River, marking the southernmost point of Montenegro, positioned approximately 30 km to the northwest of the Albanian border. Its precise geographic coordinates lie at 41° 55′ north latitude and 19° 12′ east longitude.

History and Ulcinj Beaches

The town’s roots can be traced back to the remnants of the former Colhidium, also known as Olcinium, an embodiment of history spanning an impressive three millennia. As one of the Adriatic coast’s most ancient settlements, Ulqin (Ulcinj) beckons visitors to unearth its rich past.

● Velika Plaža: The Expansive Haven of Long Beach

Stretching an impressive 13 km, Velika Plaža, aptly named Long Beach, holds the distinction of being the lengthiest sandy expanse along the Adriatic coastline. Its grains of sand, infused with abundant iodine and salt minerals, have earned it a reputation for therapeutic qualities, offering relief from rheumatism and skin ailments. This sandy haven lies 4.5 km away from the old town, necessitating a leisurely 2.5-hour stroll to traverse its entirety one way. For a return to the city, arrangements via bus or taxi are recommended.

● Mala Plaza: Unveiling the Charms of Little Beach

At the heart of Ulcinj town lies the charming ‘little beach’, a narrow strip of sand spanning 650 meters. This inviting coastal haven, known as Mala Plaza, finds its place nestled between Punta e Nuradinit (Punta Nuradinit) and Suka (Cap Bratislava).

● Valdanos Beach: A Coastal Gem Amidst Olive Splendor

Valdanos Beach, together with its picturesque backdrop, serves as a living testament to an olive sanctuary. The shoreline, adorned with substantial pebbles that extend into the sea, forms a gentle semicircular embrace towards the land. Nestled amidst this natural beauty, a collection of bungalows enveloped by olive trees awaits curious travelers, accompanied by a charming restaurant. With a length of 400 meters, this beach boasts cliff-lined edges that mimic the tendrils of vines, an irresistible draw for fishermen, divers, and those fascinated by the mysteries of the deep sea. The waters, characterized by a tranquil dark green hue, retain their purity, while the wind patterns that grace the inlet are favorable for sailing pursuits. ■