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Renting a Holiday Apartment in Montenegro

How to Rent a Holiday Apartment in Montenegro

How to Rent a Holiday Apartment in Montenegro

For most who are looking to rent short term holiday accommodations such as apartments, houses, villas or rooms within Montenegro there are predominantly three different styles of arrangement that you would expect and be advised upon. There are characteristics of each type and some important things you need to take into account so that travelers have more opportunities in how they want to ensure their lodging during their stay.

1- Owner-Operated Rentals

Owner-Operated Rental Nuance One widely accepted choice is the owner-operated rental. This works where we collaborate with the local landlord to handle bookings, either themselves or their family. When looking at a rental like this, I suggest reaching out to the owner directly. Just a quick phone call or email can tell you availability, pricing and other information that will help shape the overall picture of your night.

2- Full Vacation Rental Agencies

Another means of finding holiday homes is with full vacation rental agencies. The local agencies act as a mediator between homeowners and travellers. Agencies take care of most parts during the rental process and clients rarely have to deal with property owners. This is typically answerable by a short lease or sub-lease arrangement.

They also act as extensions for the agencies that check to ensure properties are in good condition, provide a receipt at each visit and handle repairs. A key money, which is usually between 30 – 50 percent of the total rent cost upfront. Security Deposit – some agencies may ask for this to cover non-accidental damages on items such as TVs, stereo systems or dishware.

These agencies also carry out detailed examinations of the property, both before and after each rental period in order to maintain its state. For Christmas renters, it is also important to keep an inventory list as this can be used later down the line if there are any discrepancies.

3- Booking Managers, Agencies, and Travel Agents

The third option involves booking managers, booking agencies, and travel agents. These entities often offer an array of tourism-related services and play a vital role in connecting travelers with suitable rental accommodations. A booking agency typically markets the available properties, handles booking inquiries, and manages payments in various currencies.

• Version A: Payment transfer and Commission Fee
The booking agency acts as a middleman between the traveler and the property owner (Version A of this arrangement). After the reservation is confirmed, it requests payment for rental from a traveler. Before depositing the remaining amount into a property owner’s account, 15-20 percent of the rental is skimmed as a commission fee. An array of different booking agencies may request a property should be available on demand which allows for far greater freedom.

• Version B: Direct Interaction with the Owner
In Version B, travelers are more involved in the booking process They are then put into direct connection with the landlord after they pick their desired apartment. In this case, the rental fee payment and deposit will be paid by clients directly to the owner. In this way, it seems personal and provides a user-friendly experience.


When you are thinking about renting a holiday apartment when traveling in Montenegro, it is important to know the main types of rental agreements. So whether you choose owner-operated rentals, full vacation rental agencies, or the employment of booking managers and agents; each one has its own benefits (and downfalls). Understanding these opportunities will allow you to make the most rational choices based on your tastes and the possibility of getting one of them that feels comfortable during their stay in Montenegro. ■