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Average Prices in Montenegro

Average Prices in Montenegro

The Prices in Montenegro

For those individuals who choose to spend their vacation on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, it is worth considering early reservation of a hotel room. In order to ensure a comfortable stay in the country, it is important to familiarize yourself with the details of the hotel, its attractions, and its pricing.

Cheaper than America and Europe

The prices in Montenegro are among the most affordable in Europe, as the country uses the Euro as its currency. The average price difference is evident compared to the American and European countries. American prices are on average 1.85 more expensive than Montenegro prices. So, what you can buy for 1.85 Euros in America, you can buy for 1 Euro in Montenegro. You can make other price predictions based on this general rate. Let’s take a look at the costs of various expenses.

A Temporary Warning

The prices given here are those in effect at the beginning of the Covid-19 period. During the posting of the article, I noticed a slight increase in prices, but I did not make an update, as I predicted that after a temporary fluctuation, prices will return to their previous level. For the update, I think it would be good to wait for the market to calm down.

Eating Costs

In Montenegro, the cost of dining varies depending on where you choose to eat or purchase items. The most economical option for purchasing goods is in supermarkets, where prices are fixed. Prices for items differ in markets. Street food is also quite accessible, with options like meat and vegetable sandwiches or large slices of pizza available for a few euros.

The average cost of three meals a day at a cafe will be around 10-12 euros. Dining at a smaller restaurant will require a slightly higher budget, starting from 35 euros. These prices do not include beverages.

Cost of Mobile Connection

Modern life is unthinkable without a mobile connection, but in Montenegro, this type of service can be costly. The country has three mobile operators with similar tariffs. The cost of a minute of conversation is 0.12 euros, and 1 MB of internet data costs 0.04 euros.

Flight Costs

Montenegro has two international airports, located in Tivat and Podgorica. The approximate cost of a flight from Moscow to Tivat is around 6000 rubles. A flight from Moscow to Podgorica will cost just over 11000 rubles. Purchasing tickets in groups will be cheaper than buying them individually. An additional fee of 20 euros is charged upon ticket delivery, so it’s important to confirm whether this fee is included in the ticket price or needs to be paid separately. Indirect flights to Montenegro are also possible, which may involve a few hours of layover but can save you money. The cheapest air tickets are usually available in February. As the season becomes more like a “hot” season, prices tend to increase.

Transport Costs

Transport costs in Montenegro vary, and in this section, we’ll provide examples of transportation expenses including taxis, buses, trains, and rental vehicles.

Taking a taxi can be quite expensive. For instance, a taxi ride from the airport to a resort may cost around 20-30 euros. Buses and trains offer more economical options. A one-way ticket for traveling between cities typically costs around 6 euros.

If you plan to travel along the entire coast, renting a car is an option. The cost of car rental depends on factors such as the season, the car’s make, and the rental period. Keep in mind that there are toll roads in Montenegro that cost 2.5 euros. Car rental starts with a deposit of 150-300 euros, followed by a daily rental fee of 40 euros. Longer rental periods offer better value. Renting a car for a few days will be more expensive compared to a long-term rental.

Fuel Costs

Fuel quality in Montenegro varies, so it’s important to choose the right gas station. The cost of 98-octane gasoline is 1.24 euros per liter, and diesel fuel costs 1.07 euros per liter.

Cost of Attractions

Your visit to the country wouldn’t be complete without exploring various attractions. Here’s some information to help you plan your leisure activities.

The cost of excursions in Montenegro (per person):

  • Visit to the Herceg-Novsky bay (includes onboard dining): 45 euros.
  • Sea trip on the Boko-Kotorsky bay: 25 euros.
  • Walk along the historic canyons on the Tara River and March (includes a supporting lunch): 35 euros.
  • Boating on Pivskovy lakes with dining: 65 euros.
  • Aquapark in the city of Budva: Full-day adult pass for 20 euros, child pass for 12 euros.
  • Individual deep-sea fishing: 180 euros.
  • Many travel agencies offer special discounts for children. If you’re planning a trip with a large group, it’s more economical to book individual excursions tailored to your interests.

    Additional costs during your vacation: While most beaches in Montenegro have free admission, you might need to pay for beach lounge chairs and umbrellas.

    Clothing Costs

    Montenegro may not be the best shopping destination, but you can find branded items from well-known manufacturers at reasonable prices. Here’s an approximate cost of clothing items in branded boutiques: pants (50 euros), shoes (starting from 65 euros), dresses (starting from 30 euros), swimsuits (starting from 15 euros), and beach bags (just over 7 euros). Items are generally cheaper in markets, but the quality might not be as good as in boutiques.

    Super Market Prices

    The easiest and most reliable way to get an idea of current product prices in Montenegro is to check out the country’s supermarket websites. Here I present the links of these chain stores for you to review the prices in the 3 largest supermarkets in the country:
    The ranking here is from high to low, but the price difference between them is very small.

    Cost of Gifts and Souvenirs

    No vacation is complete without buying gifts and souvenirs. Montenegro offers some unique options for enthusiasts of delicious and unusual food.

  • Wines of Montenegro have a delightful and delicate aroma. Excellent dry wines from two grape varieties are available, with prices starting from 3 euros for a small bottle. National fruit moonshine (raki) starts from 7 euros per liter.
  • Montenegrin smoked meat is a type of dried pork with a distinct flavor. It has an interesting appearance and a salty taste. To ensure safe transportation, vacuum packing is recommended. A 100g portion of dried pork costs 3 euros.
  • Shells and handmade souvenirs made from them are affordable gifts that remind you of the Adriatic Sea. There are also countless magnets and postcards with scenic views, starting from 2 euros.
  • Negush cheese is worth purchasing, especially homemade varieties. It has a wonderful taste and varies significantly from mass-produced cheeses. The cost of 1 kg cheese is 5 euros.
  • Disclaimer:

    The price information provided here may be outdated or may have changed. We may be late in updating the prices in the article. You must consider all these situations. Our website is not responsible for any changes in information. ■